For our 2016/17 Season programme, please scroll down, and for full details and booking, please go to: www.HarrowBHM.eventbrite.com

Note: i) There’s free parking at Harrow Mencap ii) If late, ring phone number pasted on door to be opened

Why we still need African History Season*:
"Perhaps, in the future, there will be some African history to teach. But at present there is none, or very little: there is only the history of the Europeans in Africa. The rest is largely darkness ... and darkness is not a subject for history," Oxford historian Hugh Trevor-Roper in 1963

"A land lying beyond the daylight of self-conscious history and enveloped in black colour of the night. At this point, let us forget Africa, for Africa is no historical part of the world," German philosopher Friererich Hegel in 1837

*All audio-visual Powerpoint presentations by history consultant Kwaku, including ‘History Of Black History Month In Britain’, available for commission: harrowBHM @ hotmail.com

Remember to book at www.HarrowBHM.eventbrite.com

Xtra History &  Reasoning Sessions @ Harrow Mencap is curated by history consultant Kwaku and supported by Harrow Mencap. It offers a family-friendly, accessible environment for learning about African histories, particularly with a British context or link on Mondays, 6.30-8.30pm.

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xtrahistorynovdec2016 Home

We’re introducing the Living History strand, which is a Q&A Session wth someone who is/was part of our history.

The Xtra History & Reasoning Sessions are presented by Akoben Awards in association with BTWSC/African Histories Revisted and Harrow Mencap, and facilitated/curated by music industry and history consultant Kwaku.

For more details: harrowBHM@hotmail.com

You can now book from here – scroll below…

Harrow Mencap is less than a 5 minute walk from Harrow On The Hill tube or bus station (see map below)

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Aug. 28 2017 Remembering Aug. 31: African History Reflection Day (Kwaku)
We’ll mark the 4th African History Reflection Day by focusing on African History Month UK @ 30.
Aug. 21 2017 Remembering Aug. 23: International Day Of African Resistance Against Enslavement (Kwaku)
We’ll mark International Day Of African Resistance Against Enslavement with a round table meeting focused what we as individuals and collectively can do about the UN’s IDPAD (International Decade For People Of African Descent) initiative.

July 10 2017 Reggae History Quiz/’Grove Music’ Screening + Q&A
You don’t have to be a reggae anorak, a geek, or an aficionado to attend, though it might help during the Name That Tune section, and there’ll be a few prizes. This is meant to be a fun evening of learning about and enjoying our reggae heritage. Part of marking JA@55. STOP PRESS: We’ve joined forces with Reggae Village to bring you the screening of the 1981 documentary ‘Grove Music’, followed by Q&A
July 7 2017 The Revolution Will Be Live! (The Black Power Guide to Guerrilla Media) (Bro Toyin)
A beginner’s master class on how to make an independent film and set up an online radio/video channel for community empowerment work on a shoestring budget. Led by Ligali’s Bro Toyin.
July 3 2017 Rock Music Is Black Music (Kwaku)
From the faces of the exponents of rock music it’s very difficult to imagine, let alone believe that, rock music is black music. In this audio-visual presentation, music industry and history consultant Kwaku will show how the rock music rose from the Rhythm & Blues of African-Americans in the late 1950s, to its globalisation through the adoption by English groups in the 1960s. Today, apart from Jimi Hendrix, and perhaps Living Colour, Slash and Lenny Kravitz, how many more African acts can one name who are widely recognised as rock acts? This presentation will highlight several unknown or less obvious acts.
June 26 2017 When UK Impacted Upon US Black Music (Kwaku)
The prevailing view is that US black music ubiquitous, and we in in the UK, like much of the rest if the world, can’t help but consume it in all its forms, be it R&B/soul, hip-hop, jazz, gospel, etc. Indeed, most artist who aspire for commerial success dream of making it in the US market.
June 19 2017 When The English Loved Reggae Music (Kwaku)
From ska music to the beginning of reggae music in the 1960s, the British have been great supporters and consumers of the music. In this presentation, music industry and history consultant Kwaku focuses on how English acts have dabbled with ska and reggae within pop and rock music. Whilst The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Clash or The Police may be better known examples, this audio-visual presentation will reveal of whole raft of acts who’ve done the reggae thing sometime in their careers. Part of British Black Music Month 2017.
BBMMat10x Home
June 5 2017 (postponed from Dec. 5 2016) Rock Against Racism: How Music And Culture Can Build Unity (Dave Randall)
Dave is a left-leaning musician with Faithless and Slovo and author of ‘Sound System – The Political Power Of Music’ (Pluto Press 2017). He tells the story of the Rock Against Racism (RAR) movement – in the 1970s, the left was faced with a rising far right in the shape of the National Front. After Eric Clapton made comments praising Enoch Powell, a new initiative was launched to use the rock and pop world to bring together people to fight racism. Rock Against Racism proved key in beating back the fascist tide. Four decades on, we now face a post-Brexist racist surge and a new need to build movements that can counter racist bigotry. Dave highlights what part can music and culture play in this fight.
rock against racism 1024x682 Home

May 29 2017 (postponed from March 13 2017) Highlighting African Herstory (Nana Asante)
In this postponed marking of International Women’s History Month, Nana highlights women of African heritage worthy of being lauded.
Xtra Herstory Nana Home
May 22 2017
Reframing Marcus Garvey In History (Everol Wilson)
This is an opportunity to find a bit more about Garvey beyond the usual narrative. Even if you know about Garvey, you are bound to learn a thing or two you never knew, such as his dealings with the Versailles Peace Conference.
May 15 2017 Living History With Stella Dadzie: A Lifetime In The Womanist Struggle
A rare opportunity to hear London-born educationalist, writer, historian. gender and race equality activist Stella Dadzie tell her been-there-done-that life story that goes beyond the organisation she co-founded in 1978, OWAAD (Organisation Of Women of African And Asian Descent), or books such as ‘The Heart Of The Race: Black Women’s Lives In Britain’.
Xtra Living History Stella Dadzie Home
May. 8 2017 African British Civil Rights (Tony Warner)
The bias in schools and the media give the impression that racism and civil rights was an American issue and totally ignores the struggles African British people. This presentation will provide the names and achievements of those African people born or resident here who fought against British racism.
Tony Warner Xtra History flyer Home
April 17 2017 Highlighting African History Across London (Avril Nanton)
Avril will talk about some of the statues and African representations found along her walks through London.
April 3 2017
Highlighting The Liberation Works Of Ras Seymour McLean (Shango Baku)
Bro Shango adds to and leads the post-screening of the work Ras Seymour as an Ethiopia-facing Rastafari in liberating books looted from Ethiopia.
Mar. 27 2017 Sound System – The Political Power of Music (Dave Randall)
Dave is a left-leaning musician with Faithless and Slovo and author of ‘Sound System – The Political Power Of Music’ (Pluto Press 2017). He will be delving into his book, published in March 2017, to highlight a number of stories on the engagement of music within politics and anti-racism activism. Signed copies of the hot off the press book will be on sale.Sound System Dave Randall Home
Mar. 20 2017 Changing the Narrative – African Identity Through The Media Lens (Ade Banjoko)
A presentation and discussion exploring the representation of African identity in the media today and its impact on African youth. A look at the issue and some concrete ways in which to change the narrative. Presented by the London Parents Action and Resource Centre (PARC).PARC flyer Home
Mar. 6 2017 Look For Me In London: A Work In Progress About Marcus Garvey In London (Khesumaba Michael Jess)
The fascinating story of Hon Marcus Garvey’s life in the capital and the impact his radical philosophy has on African people in 21st century Britain.
Feb. 20 2017 Now is the Time – Why We Can’t Wait (Dr Angela Herbert MBE)
The author of ‘Martin Luther King, Now Is The Time – His Dream To Influence Education Today’ (2016) will present a range of statistics that show the obstructions African people in the UK appear to constantly trip over.  The presentation will encourage us to use obstacles as stepping stones through practical support, academic and economic cohesion to bring change.
Feb. 13 2017 Living History With Winston Trew: Down With The Cause Of Youth Activism & Beyond
Activist, one of the Oval 4 and author of ‘Black for a Cause… Not Just Because…: The case of the ‘Oval 4′ and the story it tells of Black Power in 1970s Britain’ (Black For A Cause 2015)
winstontrewblackforacause Home
Feb. 6 2017
Living History With Cecil Gutzmore: From Student To Community Campaigns & Beyond. From his student days in the 1960s, right up to now, Bro Cecil, a former lecturer at the University of the West Indies, has been involved in one community or poltical campaign or another. A member of the 1981 Uprisings @ 35 Organising Group, he regular delivers PASCF community lectures at 365, a community hub in Brixton that’s facing an evacuation order from Lambeth Council.
Jan. 23 2017 Living History With Dr Leroy Logan: The Feds, 5-0, Been There & Done More Besides. Dr Logan is a 30 year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Service, who was one of the senior African officers in the Met. He has also been involved in numerous community initiatives (he’s chairman of REALLITY) and mentorship programmes, and given evidence to many enquiries, from Parliamentary to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.
Dec. 19 2016 Young Peoples’ Take On IDPAD (International Decade For People Of African Descent) 2015-24 (Antonio, Marcel & Destiny Phillip). The Phillip siblings once again end the year with a presentation – this time the focus is on IDPAD (International Decade For People Of African Descent) and what it means to the younger generation.
Nov. 28 2016
Hear The Backstory Of IDPAD 2015-24 & The Contemporary African Reparations Movement (Dr Michael McEachrane of IDPAD Coalition UK/Glenroy Watson of GACuk). Michael provides the history that’s led to the UN declaring 2015-24 the International Decade For People Of African Descent and what civil society organisations including IDPAD Coalition UK are doing, whilst Abu provides the history of the reparations movement that led to the recent moves by Caricom nations to sue European nations, and activities such as the now annual August 1 “emancipation” and reparations march in London and elsewhere.
Nov. 14 2016
: Living History With Tony Thomas: From South London Estates To Community Organising In London & Beyond. Tony Thomas, author of ‘Community Organiser: A Story Of Community Organising In London’ (Reklaw Education, 2016), will talk about his role within London’s community and political activism in the 2000s, from leaving school without qualifications to post-graduate studies, selling Afrocentric resources, building the Hip-Hop Generation UK collective to internatiional renown and its demise following the demolition job done by Andrew Gillingham‘s ‘Standard’ articles on Ken Livingstone‘s mayoral adviser Lee Jasper and projects associated with him, to shedding his dreadlocks, sharing panels with the likes of Simon Woolley and Rev. Jesse Jackson, to getting Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to sign his copies of their autobiographies.
tonythomascommunityorganizer Home


SEP. 24 2016 UPATE:

Mon. Oct. 24, 6.30-8.30pm. Talking African History Season In The Midst Of IDPAD 2015-24. History Consultant Kwaku officially launches Harrow African History Season 2016/17 with this prresentation, which breaks down the history of African History Season 30 years on since its introduction in Britain, whilst making reference to, and highlighting the relevance of, the start of IDPAD (International Decade for People of African Descent), which started last year and runs until 2024. Come and find out what we can take from the Season and Decade.
btwscahridpadlogos Home

Thurs. Oct. 20, 7.30-10pm @ The Studio, Harrow Arts Centre, 171 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Harrow HA5 4EA

Harrow Arts presents in association with Harrow BHM and Harrow Mencap ‘Selma (12) Screening & Post-Screening Q&A, a Harrow African History Season event.

History consultant Kwaku will facilitate a Q&A drawing upon links and refrence to Britain after the screening of the biopic in which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo) and his followers pressed forward on an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, an effort which culminated in President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Priced £4 (or free, if you want to attend just the post-screening Q&A) at Harrow Arts Centre. Click here to book or for more details.
selmaharrow Home


 Check events posted at:




December 2015 Update:
Thanks for support. We’re taking a break after these December weekly sessions:

Rest of 2015 sessions at harrow mencapxx Home

The Publisher’s Take On Walter Rodney’s ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’
Monday Dec. 7, 6.30-8.30pm @ Harrow Mencap. Free. With book publisher Elder Eric Huntley www.bit.ly/HarMen

History Of Black History Month In Britain & Harrow
Monday Dec. 14, 6.30-8.30pm @ Harrow Mencap. Free. With history consultant Kwaku www.bit.ly/HarMen

Youths’ Take On British History 50:70
Monday Dec. 21, 6.30-8.30pm @ Harrow Mencap. Free. With Harrow BHM Group youth volunteers Antonio & Marcel Phillip www.bit.ly/HarMen

Oct 2 2015 Update:

Harrow’s African History Season 2015 on Monday October 5, 6.30-9pm
Harrow BHM 2015 Launch 708x1024 Home

You are invited to the launch of Harrow’s African History Season 2015 on Monday October 5, 6.30-9pm at Harrow Civic Centre, Station Road, HA1 2XY. This season’s theme is British History 50:70. The free event includes talks, Q&As screenings, community stalls and refreshments.

The launch will  commemorate through talks and video screenings the 50th anniversary of the enactment of the first Race Relations Act and the death of community activist Claudia Jones, and 70th anniversary of the 5th Pan-African Congress in Manchester and the publication of Oxford University scholar Eric Williams thesis ‘Capitalism & Slavery’, and other histories with the 50/70  years window.

Cecil Gutzmore: Queen Mother Moore School appeal; teaser of his postponed (Nov. 2) Taking From Walter Rodney’s ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ and summary of 1960s/70s British Student Activism
Kwaku: British History 50:70 presentation
Deven Pillay: Chair

Please confirm your attendance:
Kwaku/Awula Serwah
btwsc@hotmail.com harrowBHM@hotmail.com


The Harrow African History Season 2015 continues with a free fortnightly, inter-generational programme @ Harrow Mencap, First Floor, 3 Jardine House, Harrovian Business Village, Bessborough Road, Harrow HA1 3EX on  Mondays, 6.30-8.30pm:
Oct. 19 (Taking From Walter Rodney’s ‘How African Underdeveloped Africa’ with barrister and community activist Awula Serwah)

Nov. 2 (Taking From Eric Williams‘ ‘Capitalism & Slavery’ with historian and community activist Cecil Gutzmore)

Nov. 16 (Africans In Classical Music with music industry & history consultant Kwaku)

Nov. 30 (History Of African Media In Britain  with history consultant Kwaku and media consultant Neil Kenlock)

Click to book @ Harrow Mencap session

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June 14 Update:
We’ve got free, fortnightly Monday, 6.30-8.30pm BBMM2015 & British History 50:70 sessions @ Harrow Mencap: June 15, 29, July 13, 27, Aug 10, 24, Sep 7, 21. We’ve also got an IDPAD/International Day Of African Resistance Against Enslavement event on Saturday Aug. 22, 5-8pm @ Clapham Methodist Church Hall and we’ll be at the same venue on Oct. 24 for a Look… event.

For the @ Harrow Mencap events, check www.BBM.eventbrite.com

bbmmatharrowmencapx Home

Dec. 23 Update:
After a bit of a break, we return in 2015 with the Xtra History & Reasoning Sessions (watch this space for confirmed topics & speakers/session leaders) on the following Mondays, 6.30-8.30pm (venue is Harrow MENCAP (1st floor, ring middle buzzer), 3 Jardine House, Harrovian Business Village, Bessborough Road, Harrow London HA1 3EX. It’s a 3 minute walk from Harrow On The Hill tube/bus station):

Mar 9 The Marcus Garvey/UNIA Quiz (Kwaku)
Mar 16 Explaining The UNIA And ACL’s African Philosophy And Practice Of Marcus Garvey (Mandingo)
Mar 30 Reflecting On Marcus Garvey/UNIA From A Young Person’s Perspective (Antonio & Marcel Phillip)
Apr 13 Highlighting Marcus Garvey, UNIA & Garveyism Through Film (Kwaku)
Apr 27 Marcus Garvey/UNIA & The Importance Of Music & The Arts (Dr Cecil Gutzmore)
May 11
Explaining The Quotes Of Marcus Garvey (Kwaku/Mandingo)
May 25 Putting Marcus Garvey/UNIA Words To Music

Free, but subject to pre-booking

Booking for Xtra Sessions can be done via Eventbrite or via email: harrowBHM@hotmail.com

Harrow African/Black History Month/Season 2014/15
This is where Harrow African/Black History Season 2014/15 events can be found and booked. All events are free and open to all communities.

UPDATE: Can you help us support Harrow BHM Group member
Awula Serwah’s fundraiser in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières UK’s work in ebola affected West African countries?

UPDATE 2: Extra programme: US/UK drama, poetry & rap colloborative piece: Thursday Nov. 20, 6.30-8.30pm: ‘Beyond Enslavement To Marcus Garvey & UNIA’  (see programme below)

Pan-Africanist icon Marcus Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association-African Communities League (UNIA) in Jamaica in 1914. By the 1920s it had become the biggest African-focused organisation in the world. The UNIA advocated self-confidence, entrepreneurship, connection to Africa, its history, and African pride. In marking UNIA @ 100, we aim to examine different aspects of Garvey’s organisation, and what we can take from it, going forward.
HarrowBHM2014flyerx 721x1024 HomeWe kick off early October until late December 2014, 6.30-8.30pm at *Civic Centre 1, Harrow Council, Station Road, Harrow HA1 2XY:

Launch event/Season Theme Monday Oct. 6, 6.30-8.30pm: ‘Marcus Garvey/UNIA @ 100:
The Legacy’
(Dr Lez Henry). What is the UNIA legacy, and what can we take from it to empower us in the 21st century?

Friday Oct. 24, 6.30-8.30pm: ‘Highlighting Women & Their Role In The UNIA’ Sister Nzingha, author of ‘Women In The Garvey Movement’, throws light on the fact that there’s more to UNIA’s female leadership than just Amy Ashwood and Amy Jacques, the two wives of Marcus Garvey.

Wednesday Nov. 12, 6.30-8.30pm: ‘Reflecting On UNIA’s Enterprises’ Motivational speaker and business advocate Hugh Francis shows how UNIA implemented its call for enterprise by creating not just the Black Star Line, but also community businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, and even doll manufacture. What can we learn from the challenges?

Thursday Nov. 20, 6.30-8.30pm: ‘Beyond Enslavement To Marcus Garvey & UNIA’:
American actor Gil Faison will be collaborating with British performance poets and rappers to deliver a performance-based work that mixes American slave narratives with excerpts from Marcus Garvey’s speeches.

Free*, click to book  Click here, if you’re a rapper or performance poet who’d like to take part

*However we’ll be collecting donations for BTWSC and African Histories Revisited’s Fundraising Dinner in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières UK ebola response in West Africa which takes place at Best Western Cumberland Hotel, Harrow Saturday Dec 6, 7-11.30pm. For more info or to book: http://bit.ly/ZfAAll

Friday Dec. 19, 6.30-8.30pm: ‘Moving Forward: Taking From The Garvey/UNIA Legacy’ (Brother Andrew Muhammad), including Youth Opportunity (Keith Waite). Community historian Brother Andrew Muhammad reiterates key points of the UNIA legacy to empower us going forward. Musician/composer Keith Waithe facilitates workshop for creative interpretations by young people.

Followed by fortnightly Xtra History Sessions from March to May 2015.
To book: www.HarrowBHM.eventbrite.com

followed by fortnightly Xtra History Sessions from February to April 2015.
Click here to book.

Harrow BHM Group
harrowBHM @ hotmail.com

*DIRECTIONS & PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Please note that Google Maps does NOT always accurately point to the Harrow Civic Centre (Station Rd, Harrow HA1 2XY) post codes! The Centre is opposite Rosslyn Crescent and by the side of Milton Road which are both off Station Road, near Harrow & Wealdstone station.

From Harrow & Wealdstone station (Overground or Bakerloo), you can either walk through the station car park (a couple of minutes), or cross the road and take any bus (see below*) for a 1 stop journey; or from Harrow On The Hill station (Metropolitan or Chiltern Railways) take the following buses from the Harrow On The Hill bus station*:  140, 182, 186, 258, 340 (5-8 minutes).

There is free parking at the Centre for first hour and from 6.30pm – please check with reception.

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